The story

“Crêpe Kings” is the latest project by Chef Joe Black. With a background in fine dining and a taste for new and exciting flavours, Joe is always trying out new recipes and flavour combinations. He works out of his studio kitchen and home in East London, where he’s been developing his vision through publishing recipes and videos of his creations on his blog

It was on a trip to Paris that Joe realised his next move. Fascinated by the popularity of crêpes served in kiosks on the side of grand boulevards and the crêperies in Japan. Savoury or Sweet, a simple crêpe can become a gourmet foodie experience when the right fillings and ingredients are used. 

Excited by the ever growing street food scene and ready to make his mark, Joe created Crêpe Kings. Specialising in Japanese inspired artisan crêpe cones, filled with fresh produce and topped artisan gelato by Hackney Gelato.

Crêpe Kings believe that quality is priority. Only fresh, local and organic (where possible) ingredients will be used to create his product. With flavours like The Matcha or the Vegan Chocolate Orange and weekly specials changing with the seasons, the Crêpe Kings will soon change the way we think about the humble Crêpe. 

Find out his current location and pay him a visit. But be careful not to stay too long, or you’ll be sweet talked into joining the crêpe revolution, Joe’s passion is infectious!!